This week isn’t dedicated to a particular place on my to do list but rather, how to travel cheaply. Travelling isn’t cheap but what if it could be by changing a few things.

Here are a few tips I found online about how to travel cheaply:

  1. Travel at the cheapest times
  2. Use Sky’s scanner everywhere tool to find the cheapest flights from any airport
  3. Travel in low season
  4. Fly indirect
  5. Mix and Match your flights
  6. Pre-book airport parking if you need too
  7. Fly from an alternative airport
  8. Bring your own food on board
  9. Beat the baggage fees
  10. Weigh your luggage before leaving home
  11. Use home swaps instead of a hotel
  12. Try a private room instead of a hotel
  13. Do ‘chic on the cheap’
  14. Don’t worry be ‘appy
  15. Eat like a local
  16. Save on foreign currency exchange
  17. Go abroad and get paid
  18. Volunteer to travel
  19. Get cheap travel insurance


The world is a beautiful place.