Receiving my letter from work

So finally after 10 days of being dismissed from my position as a Healthcare Assistant, I finally received my letter of dismissal with the reasons for my dismissal outlined.

Apparently it was my behaviour and attitude and failure to follow the sickness policy that made them come to the conclusion that I was no longer fit to carry out the duties they expected of me. Its funny how they’ve said all this because one, my behaviour and attitude had never been called into question, two, I always attempted to follow the sickness policy but nobody ever answered and three, the whole letter just reeks of absolute bullshit (excuse my French)

I have seven days to appeal the decision and trust me – I am going too. I have my letter already written to JT and I will not be backing down on the matter.

GH, AH and RG, you’ve messed with the wrong girl.

And even if I don’t win the appeal, I won’t be backing down.


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