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Lets help make a difference

*This post talks about suicide and can be triggering. Please keep yourself safe* I read in the paper yesterday (05/05/27) about another student suicide whilst at University. They believe it to be the sixth suicide in one academic year at Bristol and its surrounding Universities. I can't even begin to imagine what the poor man's… Continue reading Lets help make a difference


University and student suicide

*This post could potentially trigger so please be careful. I was reading in the paper yesterday, (06/03/2017) and the first headline caught my attention. According to the newspaper there were 134 students who have committed suicide whilst at University. That's 134 students who went off to University and never came back. I decided to look… Continue reading University and student suicide


Social media and self-esteem

I think the studies on this are very interesting. I really do believe the use of social media can affect the self-esteem of people, especially teenagers. As somebody who uses social media quite often (twitter, facebook, instagram) and somebody with depression, there really is a link between lack of self-esteem and social media. Let me… Continue reading Social media and self-esteem