To do list


I have never been a to do list kind of person but I’ve decided to do something different. What better than to have a to do list on my blog where all my followers can see my goals for the next couple of months. Over time I will add to this but right now, this is all I’ve got

  1. Get a haircut
  2. Dye my hair a bright colour
  3. Get my nose pierced
  4. Get myself a new tattoo
  5. Make OH appointment
  6. Get clearance of OH
  7. Go back to University
  8. Pass my probation period at work
  9. Finish all my online training for work
  10. Decorate my bedroom
  11. Study a Dementia course
  12. Lose weight/tone up
  13. Blog and write more
  14. Start a new hobby
  15. Take a break and visit Megan
  16. Go to a spa
  17. Book a few days break somewhere
  18. Pay off my debts
  19. Sort out my passport
  20. Change my surname

NOTE: Those in bold have already been completed.